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The people of Rangapara and the adjacent areas have been seriously pondering over the idea of starting an institution of higher education for a pretty long time. The seed was firmly put into ground long back in though the sapling took time in coming up. It was in that the inhabitants of Rangapara, Balipara, Chengelimari, Misamari, Charduar, Khanamukh, Ghoramari and the adjoining villages and tea gardens assemble in meeting and got a college managing body formed with Mr. A. J. Singla as the president and Lt. Mahendra Sarmah as the secretary. The committee worked sincerely and industriously under the leadership of Mr. Singla and preliminaries to start a college were completed in no time. The university of Gauhati deputed Mr. Abdul Jalil to inspect and report about the feasibility of having a college here who did it with utmost urgency. Meanwhile, Mr. Lokeswar Gogoi who had taken over as the join secretary of the college contacted Mr. R. P Telfor, the then manager of Phulbari Tea Estate to donate a track of land for the college campus. Mr. Telfor endeavor earnestly brought a gift land measuring 122 bighas 3 kathas of land from M/S Barelly Tea Company, the proprietor. The college expresses it deep sense of gratitude to the management of the tea company. Mr. Telfor or who worked for it and finally got it translated into reality. But then there came a bolt from the blue. The government of Assam came out with a circular on the 31st may, 1975 forbidding people to start new colleges.