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Murkong Selek College, the premier educational institution of Jonai Sub- Division was established in the year 1984, with the cherished goal of spreading broader knowledge among the aspiring students of this sub-division and beyond. Murkong Selek College is the outcome of the long-felt need of the people and it ensures quality higher education in this part of the country.

The Murkong Selek College is situated in the vicinity of Jonai town-ship area bordering Arunachal Pradesh. It is a rural area under Tribal Sub-Plan schemes. The Jonai Sub-Division is a tribal dominated area with about two lakhs population and of which 75% belong to the Mising community and the rest belong to the other tribal and non-tribal communities.Murkong Selek College, the first ever institution of higher education in this background and problem infested place of Jonai was founded with invaluable dedication and sacrifice of the people of Jonai with modest aims and objectives.