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Jogananda Deva Satradhikar Goswami (JDSG) College, Bokakhat is one of the prominent institutions of higher education in the district of Golaghat. Situated in a beautiful natural ambience by the side of  N.H. 37, in the close vicinity of the Kaziranga National Park-the World Heritage Site, the college has been playing a pivotal role in educating rural youths and in contributing towards creating a good citizenry in the greater Bokakhat sub-divisional area ever since its establishment in 1964. The  College, recognized by the UGC under relevant sections of the UGC Act, also happens to be the last one in the western part among the affiliated colleges under Dibrugarh University. It has a large feeding area. Students primarily from the deprived and denied sections of the society generally seek admission in the college.