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Dakshin Kamrup College is a pioneering institution of higher learning in the entire South Kamrup area and in fact it emerged as one of the apex higher educational institutions in the state of Assam. The college is so named because it is the fruit of the untiring and relentless efforts of the people of Dakshin Kamrup area. Dakshin Kamrup, as the name indicates, is a vast area of Kamrup District stretching over hundred and fifty miles along the southern bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. This rural area has a rich cultural heritage, but its literacy percentage is rather low. Palasbari, famous for timber and Muga industry, is its prime trade centre. But this place has lost its old glory due to devastating erosion caused by the Brahmaputra. Educationists, social workers, student, and a cross-section of the public had long felt the need for a centre of higher education in this vast area and their dream was fulfilled when this college came into existence on November 14, 1961. During early days this was the only institution for higher education in this vast rural area. Passing through glorious 50 years, the college has fulfilled the long cherished hope and aspirations of the people of Dakshin Kamrup.