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DDR  College has been catering to the higher education needs of vast rural and academically , socially and economically challenged students of Chabua.  Providing opportunities to learn degrees ,diplomas and Certificates of thousands of students over the years has always focused on the needs of the not so privileged and underprivileged sections of local indigenous communities and tribes. Besides, on the place of being placed in not so comfortable situation via the urban counterparts in terms of competition and job market, the impetus of such efforts have flowed towards developing awareness  for the need to be self employed. Over the years and consistently the college has produced  large number of small tea growers, grassroots level political leaders governing the local governments, hosts of traders and other categories of self employed members like voluntary organization workers , press reporters and successful self help group leaders / members. This is not to undermine the success of our alumni as school teachers and government sector employees. At times , our institution has succeeded  in producing sports men and women of caliber. This mission rationale of an higher education institution are many, and when established in the rural area ,the mission itself becomes challenging to realize and pursue.