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Borholla College is the one and only higher educational institution in the entire Borholla area. It is situated in the heart of Borholla 40km south from Jorhat District headquarters. The college was established in the year of 1990 at the auspicious and graceful initiative of most of the public and academicians of greater Borholla area. The college is located amidst ideal and picturesque beauty of natural surrounding with a large number of tea gardens, paddy fields and rivers. Moreover the institute is situated only a few kilometers away from the foot hills of mighty of Himalaya Mountain system which is locally Known as ‘Naga Pahar’(Nagaland) and just 6km away from the popular historical place, Athkhelia Namghar. It is catering higher education fulfilling the Educational needs of the student community of vast area of Jorhat and some parts of nearby Golaghat District. Higher education was literally impossible for a good portion of the student of the area before the establishment of the institution in 1990. Since its inception the prime focus of the institution is to create a suitable academic environment. Now, it has grown into an institution with modern facilities like developing infrastructure, library with modern facilities, classrooms with overhead projectors, computer lab, secured campus, generator facility, solar lights, Wi-Fi facilities etc. The result of the institute is also satisfactory and it has a special place among the affiliated colleges under Dibrugarh University.