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The Bijni College is situated in the sub-divisional head-quarter of Bijni province, in the district of Chirang, Assam, a historical princely estate along the Indo-Bhutan border. It is named after the powerful Koch King, Chandra Narayan alias Bijit Narayan, who founded the Bijni Kingdom in 1617. The place lost its regal and revenue status after the abolition of Zamindary system and slumped into a state of socio-economic backwardness. As the place is largely inhabited by scheduled tribes, scheduled castes and other backward communities, and mainly an agrarian rural society, it desperately needed the touch of modern higher education to bring itself at par with other places around. Before the coming of Bijni College, the place had few schools around Bijni Town. Many talented students of this locality were deprived of the benefits of college education both for lack of such institutions and financial ability on the part of their parents. Thus, the opportunities for better possibilities and realisation of their potentialities escaped them.