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Bahona College is a co-education institute established on 15th July 1966. It is located at Bahona, 9 kms to the North East of Jorhat town toward Nimati Ghat at the river Brahmaputra. The college offers courses of study in arts and Science Streams at Higher Secondary and Undergraduate level. It has Distance Education Programmes under Dibrugarh University, KKHSOU and ASOS from Higher Secondary to Master Degree Level. With a heritage that goes back to more than forty yeaThe College was brought under the system of deficit in 1975. rs, Bahona College unequivocally occupies the place of pride among the institution of higher education affiliated to the Dibrugarh University.

Now it has a strength of about 1200 students and 55 teachers and 12 departments. Major is offered by all departments. The Computer Science department is currently functioning as a part of the Mathematics department. This College is the result of a vision of the local people of Bahona and a few distinguished educationists, social activists and political leaders of Jorhat to provide higher education to a large number of rural and economically backward students belonging to Bahona and its neighboring areas. What had started as a humble effort to bring the light of knowledge to this backward area, has now flowered into an institution of recognition rendering quality education to students coming from different parts of Assam. We are committed to continue with the tradition and the vision of our founders.