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Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited has been incorporated in the year 1965 and it has been registered under the Companies Act. 1956. The objective of the Corporation as laid down while forming the Corporation are as follows:

To promote, establish and execute industries / projects or enterprises for manufacture and production of plant and machinery tools, implements etc. which in the opinion of the company are likely to promote.
To promote and operate schemes for industrial development of Assam.
To aid, assist and finance any industrial undertaking, project or enterprise whether owned or run by Government, statutory body, private company or individual with capital credit, means or resources for prosecution of its works and business.
To promote and establish companies and associations for execution of industrial undertakings.
To procure capital for or to provide machinery equipments and other facilities to any company or association for the purpose of carrying into effect any objects connected with the industrial development and to subscribe for underwrite or otherwise deal with shares, debentures.