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The Assam State Disaster Management Authority was notified in the year 2007 with the adoption of the Disaster Management Act in the year 2006. Honourable Chief Minister, Assam is its Chairperson and Hon’ble Minister Revenue and Disaster Management is its Vice Chairperson. To execute the mandate of the Authority the State Executive Committee with the Chief Secretary, Assam as its Chairperson has also been notified as per provision of the Disaster Management Act. The ASDMA Secretariat with officers, consultants and employees, for carrying out the functions of the State Authority, became fully functional in the year 2010. ASDMA has also notified the District Disaster Management Authority in all the 27 districts of Assam and placed officers for carrying out disaster management activities at the district.

ASDMA conducted a series of road show in different locations of the city. Key messages on Preparedness and Mitigation measures for earthquake, Landslide and Urban Flood were conveyed to the residents of the city through the road show.

The vehicle was branded with ASDMA logo and had a LED projector on one side and a library like section on the other side which carried various publications and IEC materials.

The Vehicle also had CC camera to find out and record the response of the common people.

As the vehicle moved through the city it stopped in various location, interacted with the crowd, conducted interesting quiz on disaster Management and distributed goodies. It drew huge gathering and was widely appreciated by the people. Leaflets were also distributed among the people .